RISC OS PicoDrive

SEGA Mega Drive emulation on RISC OS

Welcome to picodrive.acornarcade.com. Here you will find the RISC OS port of SEGA Mega Drive emulator, PicoDrive. We also aim to be a comprehensive guide to Mega Drive emulation on RISC OS.


Sonic the Hedgehog running on PicoDrivePicoDrive was originally developed for mobile devices such as PDAs and mobile phones. With a fast 68000 emulator, written entirely in ARM assembly at its core, PicoDrive was the first emulator to run Mega Drive games at full speed on RISC OS.

Information about PicoDrive's features and game compatibility are available in the PicoDrive section.

Mega Drive

During the mid to late 80s, Nintendo dominated the 8-bit console era with the NES. SEGA's offering – the Master System – failed to achieve the same level of popularity, despite being more technically sophisticated.

SEGA sought to improve their market position during the 16-bit era by releasing their next generation console, the Mega Drive, ahead of Nintendo and targeting older gamers. The Mega Drive (called the Genesis in North America for trademark reasons) outsold Nintendo's SNES in both Europe and America, while the SNES prevailed in the Japanese market.

More information about the Mega Drive, its games and other emulators available for it are available in the Mega Drive section.