SEGA Mega Drive emulation on RISC OS


PicoDrive is a SEGA Mega Drive emulator, which was originally developed for the PocketPC by Dave of Using Cyclone 68000, an 68000 emulator which is written in ARM assembly, it can run Mega Drive games at a good speed. PicoDrive is now maintained by notaz and his work has improved the emulator enormously. He also added Mega-CD emulation.

The RISC OS port of PicoDrive has been carried out and maintained by Jeffrey Lee and Adrian Lees. It is compatible with the Iyonix, A9Home and RiscPC. A StrongARM RiscPC or better is required for the emulator to run at a usable speed. An Iyonix is capable of running it at full speed.

For information on how to use PicoDrive, please see the documentation.


RISC OS PicoDrive currently supports the following features:

Future Plans

Below is a list of outstanding features and problems with PicoDrive for RISC OS. They are listed in approximate order of priority, most important first.


  1. Load / Save emulator state (needed to play RPGs properly)
  2. Z80 Emulation (needed to support sound in more games)
  3. Sound generator (needed to support sound in more games)
  4. X, Y and Z joypad buttons (needed for games that use six buttons, like Street Fighter)

RISC OS Frontend

  1. Fix window / display issues
  2. Speed throttle
  3. Configuration file for scale, sound, keyboard and joypad defaults
  4. Fix sound distortion
  5. Interface improvements (menus and stuff)
  6. Screenshot saving
  7. Shared sound support
  8. Iconbar icon
  9. Choices GUI