SEGA Mega Drive emulation on RISC OS

PicoDrive Documentation

This is PicoDrive's user guide. PicoDrive allows you to play Mega Drive games on RISC OS.


Drag the !PicoDrive application directory from the download archive to the place on your hard disc where you want to keep it. It should also run straight from the archive.


To use PicoDrive, you require a ROM image for the game you want to play. If you set the file type of your ROM images to &a89 (SMDROM) then you can double click them to launch the game in PicoDrive. Otherwise, just run PicoDrive and then drag the ROM image into its window.

ROMs in a filer window.


PicoDrive is can be controlled by keyboards and joysticks / joypads. The controls are summarised in the table below.

Cursor keysStick / directional padMega Drive controller directional pad
SButton 1Mega Drive controller 'A' button
DButton 2Mega Drive controller 'B' button
FButton 3Mega Drive controller 'C' button
ReturnButton 4Mega Drive controller 'START' button
P-Pause / resume emulation
Tab-Toggle display scale between 100% and 200%
Space-Toggle between desktop and fullscreen modes

Note that PicoDrive runs faster in 32 thousand colour screen modes than in 16 million colour screen modes. Also PicoDrive is fastest at 100% scale, in full screen mode.